Top 5 Restaurant in Tagbilaran City

Gerarda’s Restaurant


Dining at Gerard’s Bistro is an international dining experience. Head Chef Ben Williamson, one of Brisbane’s elites, takes his inspiration from some of the most renowned and flavourful cuisines from across the world. His scrumptious creations are greatly influenced by cooking styles from Northern Africa, the Middle East, and Southern Europe to ensure a unique food menu for food enthusiasts.

The latest stylish culinary destination in James Street offers a mouthwatering selection, including our breakfast menu. Diners can choose from a wide variety of delightful seafood, meat, and vegetable dishes along with tasty desserts. Gerard’s Bistro also has an extensive wines and drinks menu to provide guests with a feast of select beverages and spirits. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner, and is now open for breakfast.

Browse through our wide selection of enticing cuisines and menu. Book a reservation to have a one-of-a-kind dining experience in Brisbane!

Mosia Cupcakes and Cookie Shop Restaurant

Photo of Mosia Cupcakes and Cookie Shop
Mosia Cupcakes And Cookie Shop is a pastry paradise for those looking for desserts in Bohol. This small shop is very popular to locals and foreign tourists.

The Buzzz Cafe Restaurant

Photo of The Buzzz Cafe

Founded in 1998 by Laura and Andrew Maychruk, Buzz Café is a place that IS Oak Park.  We believe good food, community and family are the ties that bind, and the café embodies those ideals wholeheartedly. For the past 18 years Buzz Café has been a vibrant part of the Oak Park Arts District showcasing local art and music, serving as a community center and serving delicious food and coffee! Specializing in locally sourced, organic, vegan and vegetarian foods as well as fair trade coffees from around the world, Buzz Café has become an Oak Park tradition.

Just Sizzlin’ Restaurant

Photo of Just Sizzlin'

If you were able to visit Tagbilaran City last July, you might noticed the Just Sizzlin ads in the city. One of the major sponsors in the Sandugo celebration was Just Sizzlin. But, what is just sizzlin? When you hear of sizzling, you’ll immediately associate the word with the delicious foods. Yes, Just Sizzlin is a new restaurant in Tagbilaran City. They have just opened last May and now ready to serve their delicious foods to Boholanos and to all the visitors in Bohol. If you’re not yet aware of the new restaurant, you have to visit Just Sizzlin at CPG East Avenue, near Balamban Liempo. – See more at:

The Prawn Farm Restaurant

Photo of The Prawn Farm

A restaurant in a shopping mall offering eat-all-you-can seafood buffet? Why not! This is Bohol after all. My accommodation on my first day in Tagbilaran located in somewhere in J.A. Clarin Street happens to be near Island City Mall. We were strolling around to look for a place to eat lunch when we saw the seafood buffet offering.

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